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During arbitration, a neutral arbitrator like R.E. Thompson hears arguments and examines evidence that each party involved in a legal dispute submits. This process is less formal than a trial. The rules of evidence are often relaxed and discovery may be limited. The parties can agree whether the decision reached by the arbitrator will be binding or non-binding. As a seasoned civil law practitioner, R.E. Thompson understands the significant advantages that arbitration provides to clients and can serve as a dedicated arbitrator to help you resolve your case.

Benefits of Arbitrating Your Albuquerque New Mexico Case
As a seasoned litigator with decades of legal experience inside and outside the courtroom, R.E. Thompson is intimately familiar with the limitations of the court system and advocates for parties to use effective forms of alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration to effectively resolve their disputes. One of the most significant advantages of choosing arbitration is the ability to personally select a person who will be responsible for rendering a decision in a case. In most litigated cases, the trial judge is randomly selected. In contrast, parties who choose arbitration can select a person who has a certain type of background. For example, many parties select R.E. Thompson as their arbitrator due to his extensive background and involvement in malpractice, tort, product liability, commercial, class action, insurance and governmental regulation cases. When parties want a decision-maker who has specific training or experience in the dispute’s subject matter, they often choose the arbitration process.
Another key advantage to selecting arbitration is that it often takes a fraction of the time to resolve a case through this mechanism than in litigation because the parties do not have to wait for an opening in the court docket. Additionally, there are limited grounds to appeal a decision rendered in arbitration, so the conclusion of the case is typically sooner than in a litigated case that can be appealed.

Arbitration may have similarities to litigation, but it is less formal and may have more relaxed rules than those at court. This is often preferred by clients who want to avoid the formality of court proceedings.

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R.E. Thompson’s extensive legal experience and knowledge in various industries, administrative law hearings and government relations positions him as a strong arbitrator in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His deep understanding of the needs and operations of area businesses positions him as a strong legal advocate in the Albuquerque region. Contact R.E. Thompson to find out more about how the arbitration process and how he can help.

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