Experienced Legal Advocate Offers Extensive Mediation Services in Albuquerque New Mexico

As a civil litigator with decades of trial experience, R.E. Thompson possesses an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience in the legal arena. Over the course of his long legal career, R.E. Thompson successfully handled many cases involving commercial disputes, class actions, insurance, products liability, malpractice and negligence. His dedicated legal advocacy led to him being recognized in Albuquerque, New Mexico as one of the best lawyers in government relations and construction litigation. He draws upon this extensive experience to help parties resolve their case out of court through the process of mediation.

What Is Mediation?

In mediation, a neutral mediator uses conflict resolution skills and advanced communication techniques to help the parties involved in a legal dispute reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. This is completed during an informal process, outside the courtroom. The mediator’s role is not to impose a decision on the parties. Instead, the mediator helps the parties better communicate and aligns their mutual interests so that they are motivated to settle their case.

As a seasoned litigator, R.E. Thompson recognizes the limitations of the legal system and advocates for out-of-court settlements in which the parties have greater control over the outcome of their case. By clarifying misunderstandings and exploring possible solutions, the parties are often able to reach a voluntary agreement to resolve their case. While mediation can be used in many contexts, it is particularly effective in business disputes in which the parties wish to maintain a relationship or continue a contract. It has also successfully been implemented in personal injury matters to end litigation.

What Are the Benefits of Mediation?
R.E. Thompson often recommends mediation as a possible way to resolve disputes because it is often:

  • More affordable – Mediation costs can be split between the parties and a successful mediation can halt or avoid litigation and the expensive attorney’s fees that come with it.
  • Faster – A mediation session or series of sessions can be scheduled as soon as the parties agree to use this method to resolve their dispute and their schedules align; there is no need to wait for a court docket to clear up.
  • Provides greater control to the parties – Because the process is voluntary and the parties only agree to settle their dispute based on terms of which they approve, the parties have greater control over the case with mediation.
  • Promotes better relationships – In mediation, the parties may speak directly to one another or may clear up misunderstandings with the mediator’s assistance. This often helps to repair damaged relationships – an outcome incredibly unlikely in litigation.
  • Avoids future conflict – Because the parties develop skills like problem-solving, cooperation and improved communication, they are often able to avoid future conflict. Also, they are more likely to abide by the terms of the agreement that they helped establish.

Contact R.E. Thompson for Guidance on Your Case R.E. Thompson supports his mediation practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico by a long and successful legal career and devotion to public service. His professionalism and dedication to helping parties resolve their dispute on their own terms enables him to successfully resolve the most complex of legal matters. Contact him today to find out more about the mediation process and how he can help.

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